Before I kept wild bettas I kept various other species: L-numbers, catfish, guppies and some mixed tanks. I always knew the store bettas hold in cups but wasn’t interested in this species.
Until a friend of my showed that he just bought some new bettas…
It were some Betta Imbellis and Betta Mahahcaiensis pairs and from that moment I knew what fish I would buy next :). I bought a male Smaragdina copper (later a female) and so my story began.
I imported later and along the way I gained more and more experience and love for wild betta’s. It wasn’t long until I fully focused on wild betta’s. 

During several years i have been breeding and selecting different lines to ensure high quality of my fish. Every fish I sell is bred with a lot of love and care.

My first wild betta

a little more about me

I am Thijs, and I live in Belgium. I still study and in my spare time I keep and breed wild betta’s. I love helping others with their fish hobby and sharing my knowledge.

During many years I have had many fish, the last years I’ve been focussing on bettas, wild bettas in particular. My main now focus relies mostly B. Imbellis and Mahachaiensis. 

And If you have any questions, don’t hestitate to contact me. My inbox  is always open for questions!


I mainly focus on species from the splendens complex. These species are most known in the wild betta hobby. Maybe sooner or later I am getting Betta’s of the unimaculata complex.

Offspring high quality betta imbellis

Betta Imbellis

A smaller species with a magnificant green-red colouring

Betta Mahachaiensis

A wild betta known for its green/blue colors and dark ventrals

Hybrid (Alien)

Originally a crossing between different species of the splendens compl.

Wild betta smaragdina copper

Betta Smaragdina "copper"

Betta smaragdina with brown-copper scaling